Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry
at Vita Dental Wellness

Some people are so scared to go to the dentist that they put it off until it's too late. As dental professionals, we recognize dental fear. However, we also don't want you to miss the treatments you need over it.

Here at Vita Dental Wellness in Chilliwack, BC, we do our best to make each visit a relaxing and pleasant experience for you.

When you step into the office, you're welcomed by our friendly staff, and you can relax in our cozy lobby while you wait for your appointment. Check out this virtual tour of our office.

We keep the environment warm and supportive. You can share your oral health concerns in our judgment-free zone.

How Your Dental Team Can Help Manage Fear and Anxiety

Dental fear and anxiety aren't resolved in a single visit. So, we spend time and effort helping you receive the dental care you need in a comfortable setting.

Each dental appointment you complete means a lot when caring for your oral health. Keeping up with your scheduled routine appointments gives you the best chance of reducing the number of dental trips you need in a year.

You can also prevent the need for comprehensive treatment plans. With healthy teeth and gums, two dental visits might be all you'll need annually. And for an anxious patient, that could be wonderful news.

We're here to help make that happen for you, one small step at a time.

Types of Sedation

Anxiety can occur at different levels. Our staff is sensitive to all cases and take the time to listen to the individual needs of every patient.

Our goal is to make dental experiences more calming and lower your anxiety level with each visit. To do that, your role is crucial. Showing up for your appointment is the first step to take.

From there, we look at the different types of sedation we can use for your procedure. Here's a quick overview:

  1. Nitrous or Laughing Gas

    Nitrous, or laughing gas, is safe for use by children and adults. You wear a small mask over your nose and breathe as usual to inhale the gas.

    You'll start to feel the effects of the gas within a few seconds. It won't make you laugh, but it'll make you feel more relaxed. You'll also stay awake, and you'll be able to respond to the dentist.

    Once the procedure is complete, we take off the mask, and the effects of the gas quickly wear off too.

  2. Oral Sedation

    Oral sedation is an ideal option for those with mild anxiety or those who want their procedure to get done faster. You need to go to the office an hour early for your appointment. You take the oral sedative, sit for the next hour, and wait until the effects kick in.

    Oral sedation can make you feel groggy and sleepy, but your dentist should be able to wake you up with a light nudge. It can also affect your motor skills, so you'll need somebody to take you back home.

  3. Intravenous (IV) Sedation

    Vita Dental Wellness does not offer IV sedation services, but our team is more than happy to make recommendations if you require this type of sedation for your procedure. It is important to note that IV sedation should only be administered by a trained and experienced medical professional, and all necessary precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of the patient.

    Intravenous sedation is for those with moderate anxiety. The sedative is given to you intravenously or through your veins.

    Sedation level can be adjusted depending on your needs. We can top it up if you require more.

    You'll feel nauseous, and you might fall asleep or have little to no recall of the procedure. You'll also need someone to drive you home safely after the procedure.

Which Type of Sedation Is Right for Me?

Your safety and peace of mind matter to us. We take a thorough look at your oral and medical history before recommending a sedation option.

Your vitals are monitored throughout the procedure using hospital-grade equipment. You'll also receive follow-up calls from our team to ensure you're feeling well.

Sedation can make dental visits a breeze, but it must be carefully chosen and administered. You can rely on our team to offer options that best benefit your unique situation.

Call our location in Chilliwack, British Columbia, at to learn more about dental sedation. We're happy to share helpful information with you, and when you're ready to book your visit, we're only a message away.