New Patient Exams

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New Patient Exams
at Vita Dental Wellness

Going to a new dentist or seeing your dentist again in Chilliwack, BC, after several years? The first step is a new patient exam, and it's all about you and your oral health concerns.

What Is a New Patient Exam?

A new patient exam is a comprehensive examination that takes place during a patient's first dental office visit. It's similar to routine dental checkups. However, it involves more steps and often takes about an hour.

It's beneficial even if patients aren't complaining about any oral health-related problems. Not to mention, it's even more essential if patients have existing concerns, such as recurring symptoms.

Your dentist will examine the area where symptoms seem to be originating. They may also request imaging scans, as well as do a thorough exam of your mouth including an oral cancer screening with our Velscope

What Happens During a New Patient Exam?

We assess your mouth, discuss your specific concerns, and take further diagnostic X-rays when necessary. You don't undergo procedures on a first visit unless it's a dental emergency.

If you have not been in the office for many years, a new patient exam is also necessary. We look into changes in your oral health, medical history, and dental goals.

A typical new patient exam includes the following:

  1. Preparing Paperwork. We gather information to get to know you. You fill out forms, which you can do online or in person during your appointment. We discuss the medications you're taking and any pertinent medical issues you may have.
  2. Talking about your concerns and goal. We talk about your long-term goals for your teeth and how we can help you attain them. We listen to your reasons or concerns for seeing the dentist. It could be a weak, damaged, or sore part of your mouth or a cosmetic dental procedure you've long been interested in.
  3. Conducting exams
    • Looking at each tooth. We take a thorough look at each tooth and assess its health.
    • Checking any dental work. We also look into the condition of any existing dental work.
    • Evaluating your bite. We assess your muscles, lymph nodes of the head and neck, and jaw joints. We see how your upper and lower teeth come together. We also check if there are damaged, cracked, or loose teeth and how they're related to your jaw joints.
    • Conducting oral cancer screening. This is necessary even beyond new patient exams. We always perform this, even during routine hygiene cleanings.
    • Taking X-rays. We take a look at X-rays and photographs of your teeth and mouth. Depending on your health history, we may also need other types of X-rays. A regular visual exam may not be enough to determine potential issues or validate findings.
  4. Discussing treatment plans and options. You have the final say on your treatment plan. We tell you how we can help, every step of the way. Your questions are very much welcome, including those about finances and insurance coverage. Understanding your options will help you feel more confident about your decision.

Getting a New Patient Dental Exam
in Chilliwack, British Columbia

A new patient exam takes an hour to complete.

At Vita Dental Wellness, you receive honest and transparent recommendations. You leave the office with a good picture of your oral health.

You get a deeper sense of the dental treatments that can improve your condition and how to approach them according to your budget and lifestyle. You also receive a copy of your treatment plan or request one whenever you need it.

Call us at (604) 858-5152 to book your dental visit in Chilliwack, BC, or if you have further questions about new patient exams. Our friendly receptionists are happy to assist you.