Children's (Pediatric) Dentistry

Children's (Pediatric) Dentistry
at Vita Dental Wellness

Your child's early dental experiences shape the way they feel about dental care for the rest of their life. You'll want their dental visits to be as positive and enjoyable as possible. You're not alone in this goal.

At Vita Dental Wellness, your child receives professional care in a gentle, friendly approach. You stay updated so you can make the best decision for their oral health needs.

Preventative care and education make dental care easier. Knowing how to care for your child's smile gives you the best chance of avoiding the need for dental treatments.

Why Bring Your Child to the Dentist?

According to the Canadian Dental Association, children must see the dentist by age one or within six months after their first tooth erupts.

Seeing the dentist early offers long-term benefits. However, it's never too late to take your child for their first dental visit.

These exposures help your child become familiar and comfortable with dental care from a young age. Here are more reasons why routine dental appointments are essential for children:

  • Monitoring teeth and jaw development. Your dentist checks if your child's mouth is developing well. They see if any intervention is necessary to help your child attain a properly aligned set of teeth.
  • Identifying and addressing potential issues. Baby teeth are prone to developing decay and cavities because they're softer and thinner. Also, children's fine motor skills aren't fully developed yet. Identifying and addressing potential issues will protect both their baby and adult teeth.
  • Correcting dental problems. Your child receives a recommendation for immediate treatment if necessary. We educate you on the case, the consequences of leaving it untreated, and the benefits of addressing it promptly.
  • Boosting home care routines. Children may not be fond of having their mouths cleaned. Therefore, if you're struggling with brushing or flossing your child's teeth, we can offer assistance. Regular dental check-ups help us determine the right oral care products and practices for your child.

What Happens During Children's Dental Visits?

You may be hesitant to take your child to the dental office, thinking it's too early for them to receive treatments. Though, your child doesn't necessarily need to undergo treatment during their first visit.

Our focus is on building rapport with your child. As we go along, here's more of what you can expect during their dental visits.

  • Oral health examinations. We take a thorough look at their mouth and related parts, such as their jaw and neck.
  • Bite assessment. We check your child's biteβ€”the way their upper and lower jaw come into contact with each otherβ€”to determine if there may be potential issues.
  • Habit counselling. This may be necessary if your child has habits that can compromise their oral health. One example of this is prolonged pacifier use.
  • Educating children about oral hygiene. Our dental team shows our young patients the proper way to clean and keep their teeth healthy.
  • Dental hygiene cleaning. Food debris and deposits can be stubborn. We have special tools at the dental office for cleaning your child's mouth.
  • Treatments. Your child may need procedures, such as dental fillings, to protect their teeth from tooth decay and cavities.

How each visit goes depends on your child's response. Some children may not cooperate, so we take the time to make them feel at ease. Winning a child's trust is key to making dental visits a pleasant experience for families.

Children's Dentistry
in Chilliwack, British Columbia

You are your child's first dental care provider. Efforts you make today to help them achieve good oral health will benefit them until adulthood. We, as oral healthcare professionals, provide professional treatment, support, and guidance.

Healthy teeth and gums are less likely to need treatments, making dental appointments quicker and shorter. Two dental visits a year may be enough. On the other hand, children prone to tartar and cavities, resistant to brushing, or with medical conditions may require more frequent visits.

Do you have more questions about children's dental care services in Chilliwack, British Columbia? Contact us at (604) 858-5152. We're happy to help.